PARIS, FRANCE — In France, following the recent adoption of a new law for the abolition of ordinary educational violence, the association StopVEO-Enfance and agency Publicis Conseil produced a film to raise awareness among parents.



The law for educational violence abolition — which bans acts like slapping, spanking, or humiliation — states parental authority has to be exercised without violence, physical or psychological. StopVEO has made it its mission to encourage good parenting practices.

Publicis Conseil’s new film, entitled “The Words I Won’t Say,” was directed by Laura Sicouri and launched on May 29. It features a relationship between mother and child and questions what society loses when educational violence prevails.


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Brand: Stop VEO
Céline Quelen, President
Dr Gilles Lazimi, Campaign coordinator

Agency: Publicis Conseil
Co-prsident: Marco Venturelli
Executive creative Director: Fabrice Delacourt
Copywriter: Kevin Salembier
Art director: Julien Boissinot
Business director: Anne Dauvé
Strategic planner: Marine Catalan, Rémy Zalcman
TV Producer Prodigious: Benjamin Auberdiac

Production: Insurrection
Produceer: Hélène Daubert
Director: Laura Sicouri
DOP: Mélodie Preel
Production director: Nazha Dahmani
Edit: Géraldine Mangenot

Sound production: Prodigious
Sound producer: Boris Nicou, Thomas Anduze
Sound engineer: Olivier Vehert

Andhim – « German Winter »
Title German Winter
Interprete Andhim
Composer: Simon Haehnel & Tobias Müller
Publisher: copyright control
Label Superfriends Records

French 79 – “Between The Buttons”
Titre: Between The Buttons
Interprète: French 79
A/C: Simon Henner
Editeur & Label: Alter K

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