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Campaign Spotlight: TAKT salutes sustainable living with flying dogs and broken teeth

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — It is proven that younger generations are more willing to change their everyday lives in the name of sustainability. Therefore, they deserve a thank you. That is the idea behind Danish furniture brand TAKT‘s new spot.

Directed by Bacon‘s Bine Bach, the film is a myriad of colorful, quirky, and perfectly grotesque scenes with a voiceover thanking those who are going the extra mile for the environment.


Patiently paced to match Bach’s signature brand of deadpan humor, the film goes for the sweet spot between an earnest “thank you” for taking care of the planet and a humorous piece of filmmaking. And this tonality has been the goal from the get-go.

“Just because sustainability is a serious issue doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it, and that is what we have tried to prove with this film,” director Bine Bach says. “It was unbelievably freeing to work with a team that encouraged us to really push our creativity in exploring this idea. TAKT wants to say thank you, but I want to thank them (and my Bacon fam) for being an absolute blast to work with.”

The creative concept was initially created in collaboration between TAKT and students at Media School Copenhagen before the idea was further developed and interpreted by Bine Bach.


Production Company: Bacon

Director: Bine Bach

Executive Producer: Mette Jermiin

Producer: Oliver Kornberg Sand

DOP: Jonas Blond

Production Manager: Nana Rothenborg

Focus Puller: Asger Borberg

Gaffer: Jens Lund @ Gaffers

Electrician: Martin Dahl Andersen

Set Designer: Rikke Tvilum

Props Master: Frederikke Jermiin

Stylist: Melissa Orndorff

Runner: Felix Bjerre

Post Producer: Louise Ryge

Editor: Jasmin Falk-Jensen

Composer: Mads Bergland

Sound Designer: Mads Bergland

Colorist: Hannibal Lang / BaconX

Composite: Kai Hauswirth / BaconX

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