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Campaign Spotlight: POSB journeys through fairy tales to champion financial literacy in children

SINGAPORE — As new forms of finance emerge and cashless living becomes increasingly the reality, the financial literacy of our children is of paramount importance. 


Recognising this, POSB, Singapore’s largest and oldest bank, has partnered with The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) to help parents play a more active role in getting their children ready for their financial future.


The initiative launches POSB Pocket Stories – Tales of Money and Sensethe first in a slew of strategic and creative plays to address financial literacy across different age groups throughout 2022.

TSLA’s in-house production team, in collaboration with Singapore illustrators 8eyedspud, leveraged on the powers of storytelling to bring to life the three-part series to help safeguard our littlest generation with the core principles that will form the building blocks for a healthy relationship with money, including the value of sharing within your means, saving for what you desire, and spending wisely – all by harnessing the power of fairy tales that have stood the test of time.

“Being the oldest bank in Singapore, POSB has provided generations upon generations of Singaporeans their first step into financial access and we continue to stay committed to advocate for financial literacy to the young. We want to support parents in teaching money matters and financial literacy to their children through fun and engaging materials – one effective way is through storytelling,” said Jean Yeo, Senior Vice-President, POSB CBG-Marketing (Consumer Banking Group), DBS Bank.

She added: “We developed fun and interactive IG stories incorporating elements of financial literacy for parents to share and read with their children. Conversations about good money management should start early as this will have compounding impacts on children as they grow older.”

The tales feature familiar characters with a twist, suitable for kids aged 4-12 years old. The stories feature Alice, who learns the value of sharing in Wonderland, Jill (instead of Jack) who learns the virtue of spending and saving after being enchanted by Magic Beans, and finally concluding with Caleb and the Candy Factory, wrapping up the series imparting the values of saving, spending wisely and the joys of sharing.

“Fairy tales are an ever-familiar and cherished facet of childhood that has for centuries been an important tool for imparting life lessons and morals in children. We wanted to retain that magical quality while still imparting very crucial and practical knowledge for children that will stay with them through to adulthood, as they navigate their future – a future we have yet to be familiar with and can only prepare for,” said Fiona Heng, Business Director at TSLA.

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