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Campaign Spotlight: The Secret Little Agency welcomes the world to the OATSIDE of life

SINGAPORE — Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, a group of food industry nerds decided to quit their jobs, sell their belongings, and move continents to pursue their real passion: selling shelf-stable plant-based beverages that taste like the best thing since sliced milk.

Say hello to OATSIDE, a creamy and delicious new oat milk brand made from 100% Australian oats, adult-optimism, and not much else.

As part of its global debut, OATSIDE is rolling out across cafes and groceries stores alike. From Jakarta, to Seoul, to Singapore, baristas and taste critics around the world are being introduced to the velvety new taste of OATSIDE available in regular, hazelnut, and chocolate flavors.


The launch campaign created in partnership with The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) introduces the ‘Oatside of life.’ Featuring a colourful cast of characters brought to life on cartons, screens, and in-stores across Asia, and soon, the world.

The Oatside of Life is not created in or for a picture perfect world. But it’s the better side, is the sustainable side of life that harms no cows, leaves no trace, and keeps the world spinning a little cleaner than before. It must be the delicious side of life that is maltier, creamier, and perfectly balanced to create a smile in your tongue. It’s Life in all its awful glory is never perfect. It is our everyday modern reality that is undeniably chaotic, stressful, and adult.

“This is paws down the most delicious milk in the world, and our work here is to celebrate that in the happiest, simplest and purest of ways – song, dance, and an invitation to live a little,” said a spokesperson from The Secret Little Agency.

The campaign titled “Always look on the OATSIDE of life” is a playful look at our everyday, adult lives, prodding milk drinkers around the world to look up, smile, exhale and enjoy the little bits of goodness in life across-the-line from OOH, TV, social, across shopper marketing touchpoints and even experientially as milk tastings hosted by master sommeliers in Asia.

“OATSIDE is the plant milk for people who don’t like, or even think about plant milks. All we’ve got are oats, water, and a very humble dream of creating the most delicious plant milk you’ll ever taste. A plant milk so creamy and so rich, it can control the weather, slow time and stop bullets in mid-air,” said Cindy Lin, Marketing Director, OATSIDE.



Creative Agency: The Secret Little Agency
PR Agency: AKA Asia
Film Production: Unlisted
Film Director: The Gibbons

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