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Campaign Spotlight: UN and AMV BBDO launch interactive YouTube film starring parkour artist Georgia Munroe to drive action on air pollution

LONDON, UK – The UN, YouTube, Grain Media and AMV BBDO have partnered to launch a new interactive online campaign “Fight Back”, to drive action on air pollution — leveraging YouTube’s sequential storytelling format

Created by AMV BBDO and Grain Media, the campaign stars acclaimed parkour artist Georgia Munroe running from air pollution in a high-octane chase sequence that the viewer can control through a set of sequential videos.



The online film, set in a big city under a hazy fog of air pollution, follows Munroe trying desperately to escape the dangerous pollution. But will our heroine break free or become trapped? It all comes down to the viewer’s choices.

The campaign structure aims to target and deliver content to viewers on YouTube in a pre-defined sequence that unfolds the story based on if the viewer ‘skips’ or ‘watches’.

In the UN campaign, if the viewer skips the feature the heroine will meet danger and uncertainty, but if they watch the film she finds air to breathe – and a voice to demand action. The central message of the campaign is: “You can run from air pollution, but you can’t hide.”

The film was shot by acclaimed director Rubika Shah, who created the multi-award-winning documentary White Riot.

“I am so pleased to have had the chance to work with Grain Media on this ground-breaking project. We wanted to build a bold new world, a slightly dystopian place, which would appeal to younger (20s and 30s) audiences without being cliched. We worked with our composer to create an original piece of music that would thread through the stories seamlessly and that would feel big in scope. It’s so exciting that the films are currently screening now on YouTube.” Rubika Shah

The campaign was commissioned by the UN to raise awareness of UN Sustainability Goal 13: Climate Action in the UK and drive action.


Producer: Matt Wenham
Executive Producer: Chloe Leland
Director: Rubika Shah
Production Manager: Olivia Ballard
Director Of Photography: Richard Jephcote
AC: Juan Minotta
Sound recordist: Francesco Corrazi
VFX Project Supervisor: Alex Grey
VFX Producers: Semley Wilkinson, Helen Tang
Special Effects: Artem
Special Effects expert: Ritchie Beacham-Paterson
Special Effects expert: Ryan Crew
Special Effects expert: Josh Seatherton
Makeup artist: Nikki Palmer
Coordinator: Sarah Wildlash
Runner: Vidhu Matety
Runner: Deshawn Hillman
Location: Tom Kelly – Bold Tendencies
Location: Femi Boye – Peckham Levels
VFX: Untold
VFX Artist: Alex Grey
Telecine: The Mill
DI Colourist: James Bandford
Colour Producer: Charlie Morris
Colour Producer: Chris Morris
Music By: Aisling Brouwer
Sound Design: Harry Timson
Head of Production: Adam Mitchenall
Head of Post Production For Grain Media: Amelia Franklin
Production Manager: Caroline Lai
Creative Director: Toby Allen
Creative Director: Jim Hilson
Creative: Ben Polkinghorne
Creative: Scott Kelly
Board Account Director: Jessica Harvey
Creative Producer: Anita Sasdy

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