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Campaign Spotlight: With GoPayz, there’s no need to rush this Raya says Reprise & U Mobile

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — Reprise Digital, the full-service integrated communications agency within the IPG Mediabrands network, has released a follow-up series of films this Raya to drive awareness and sign-ups for GoPayz, the all-in-one digital financial and lifestyle services app developed by U Mobile.

The ‘Ada GoPayz, Raya Tak Gopoh’ campaign (With GoPayz, there’s no rush for Raya) sees the return of last year’s protagonist Mat Lengah, this time accompanied by sidekick, Bobby the chicken. In each episode, Mat Lengah is berated by his wife for lacking the pre-Raya hustle, as she urges him to get on with all the tasks at hand. Bobby promptly jumps in to remind her that it’s all completed with ease through GoPayz.

Bobby the chicken said, “Thank you Reprise for giving me the opportunity to be in these episodes. I usually feel like such a minority in casting. All the good roles go to cats! But as you can see, chickens are much better actors. Mat Lengah is also very cool. He’s my best friend and we love using GoPayz.”


Kevin Le, Executive Creative Director of Reprise Digital said, “As it’s the second year around, we revisited the characters with more humour and messages that cater to this target audience. Mat Lengah himself has developed from last year. The procrastinator with lots of excuses, to now being proactive with GoPayz – proof that while you’re doing good you can be rewarded in more ways than one.

“It seems to be almost a mainstay of Raya ads these days to feature a cat, so we switched gears with this sidekick. I must say, Bobby was a chilled, unflustered actor to work with on set – quite the opposite of the cats I’ve worked with.”

Jenny Chin, Head of Digital Experience & Marketing at U Mobile said, “We see this as a great collection of mini-sodes to showcase GoPayz, the all-in-one app that enables everyone to access affordable financial services anytime and anywhere. The bonus here is the lighthearted approach to financial services that can sometimes seem scary or inaccessible to those not in the know. Mat Lengah is your everyday guy who just wants to do good. GoPayz, and Bobby, are merely showing how easy it is to do within one app.”

The campaign seeks to demonstrate the convenience of the GoPayz app that can ease the burden of pre-Raya preparations. Its array of services includes paying zakat (Islamic donations), e-duit Raya (cash gifts), shopping and insurance, all of which make life easier and allow Malaysians to get rewarded at the same time.

The videos were directed by Esham Salihin and produced by Artisia Productions.


Client: GoPayz
Agency: Reprise Digital

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