Campaign Spotlight: Wyeth Nutrition Promises Healthier Tomorrows in New Campaign By Just Add Water with a Touching Film by Film Pabrika


“What will happen tomorrow?”

When Wyeth Nutrition’s in-house communications team asked themselves what ALL their brands’ consumers care about, that is the answer they came up with. Challenging themselves to create the brand’s first corporate campaign since 2015, they had to deal with strong and highly distinct equities across their different brands (Promil Gold, Promil Four, Bonakid Pre-School 3+, and Promama, among others) meaning they had to incorporate different personalities, interests, and socio-economic classes into one material, and not alienate any of the different brands’ consumers in the process.

“We decided to go with a musical approach, because as a company we work in English, but we feel in Filipino,” says Migs Marfori, Wyeth Nutrition’s Creative Content Manager. “As the father of a 3 year-old, I wrote the lyrics to sound like something I could sing to my son as a lullaby. And the opening line “Bukas paggising mo, bago na ang mundo” just came to me as soon as I started thinking of the campaign. It worked great with the idea of tomorrows as something the brand could own.”

With You Through Every Tomorrow

“This campaign really brings back the heart of the corporate brand,” says Miko Acuña, Wyeth Nutrition’s Digital Marketing & Communications Director. “The science has always been there, and our individual brands have always been strong. Now, with the campaign’s over 11 million views on YouTube and 7.2 million on Facebook, consumers are rediscovering our heart.”

In showing families from all walks of life, with different challenges, hopes, dreams, and aspirations, Wyeth Nutrition hopes to remain a brand that Filipino families can rely on, both today, and for all the tomorrows to come.



Wyeth Nutrition

Digital Marketing & Communications Director: Miko Acuña

Creative Content Manager: Migs Marfori

CRM & Communications Manager: Kim Tirona

Digital Marketing Manager: Ral Ang

Communications Specialist: Joey Castro

Just Add Water

Producer: Jem Lim

Associate Producer: Bea Jose


Director: Joel Limchoc

Hit Productions

Music: Arnold Buena

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