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Campaign Spotlight: Xbox announces Xbox Series X Mini Fridge via Twitter – Xbox and chill

CALIFORNIA, USA – Xbox keeps its word on producing an Xbox-styled mini-fridge due to the brand’s recent “Best of Tweets Brand Bracket” victory. Aaron Greenberg (GM, Xbox Games Marketing, Microsoft) announced that Xbox would produce the Xbox Series X Mini Fridges via Twitter. Xbox has embraced the Series X “fridge” meme, taking what fans intended as a playful jab at the console’s design – “It looks like a fridge!” Instead, Xbox listened to its fans and expressed gratitude for their continued support with the production of a physical mini-fridge.  



For Xbox fans, the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is a way to pay homage to their favorite brand. For the brand, it’s a way to make light of themselves while at the same time taking ownership of something born out of fan culture.

Ayzenberg Group, Xbox’s longtime creative partner (and social AOR), worked closely with Xbox to help them bring their vision to life for Xbox’s annual keynote. As a result, their Xbox Series X Fridge tweet is the most shared and most engaged Xbox tweet to date, with over 514K+ total engagements and 298K+ shares. Additionally, the Xbox Series X Fridge trended #1 globally on 10/28.




Craig McNary – Director, Brand, and Advertising – Xbox Global Marketing at Microsoft

Ayzenberg Group:
Gary Goodman – CCO
Allen Bey – Creative Director
Jonathan Clark – Production Director
Chy Lin – Account Supervisor

Ayzenberg a.CG Studio:
Joey Jones
Kurt Bernardin
Aaron Frebowitz
Leon Coetzee
Alvaro Segura
Claude Hurd
Bella Bergeron
Karisa Callahan
Andrew Campbell – Post Supervisor
Ryan Hsu – Assistant Editor

CG Partner:


Xbox Games Marketing Teams
Product, Marketing & PR: Aaron Greenberg, Craig McNary, Josh Munsee, John Friend, Cindy Walker, Bree Adams, Theresa van den Boogaard, Katie Schroeder, Aaron Grant
Social: Graeme Boyd, Josh Stein, Bardi Moradi, Gaston Perez, Kate Fisher, Mehgan Myszkowski, Ayzenberg Group
Lifestyle, Pop Culture & Partnerships: Kumar Manix, Jenny Miller, Assembly
Content Creators: Jeff Rubenstein, Sean Morgan
International Marcom: Beth Hall, Jack White
Xbox Game Studios: Michael Wolf, Katie Jerauld, Jonathan Segall, Aaron Travis, James Yin, Nicole Fawcette, Denise Lauricella, Lisa Humphries, Steven Dodson
Third-Party Games: Kelly Lombardi
Production & Logistics: Imagicorps, Lynden
Programming & Hilary Smith, Grace Stevens
CELA: Mary Kay Andersen, GMR

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