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Cathay embraces Hong Kong’s quirk for hoarding keepsakes in ‘Let’s Get Moving ;P’ campaign

HONG KONG — As travelers return to the skies, Cathay is celebrating with a campaign called “Let’s Get Moving ;P,” which gives a gentle wink to Hong Kongers’ unique quirk of keepsaking.

From slippers to pens, it’s no secret that many people in Hong Kong have Cathay-branded items in their homes as treasured reminders of past travels. This phenomenon happens for two reasons: Hong Kongers genuinely feel proud of the Cathay brand, and Cathay products are so beautifully designed, they’re worth keeping forever.



To inspire people to get moving again, Cathay wanted to celebrate this unshakable bond by using actual data taken from Cathay flights to unearth its most popular branded items – and making them the stars of its new campaign. That eye mask that helped you through jetlagged nights; the deck of cards that broke the ice; the pen that jotted down memories on cloud nine all feature as the airline’s most popular borrowed items in a campaign created by Publicis Groupe Hong Kong.

Edward Bell, General Manager for Brand, Insights and Marketing Communications, explained, “Our research showed that in Hong Kong, many people have some Cathay items tucked away somewhere. We found this encouraging and inspiring as we tend to keep mementos of those things we value and want to remember. So, we decided to build on this and ask all these keepsakes to come to life and encourage us all to ‘Let’s get moving’.”

Some of Hong Kong’s most renowned influencers and celebrities are now coming clean about their favorite Cathay items, while on social channels, Cathay is inviting Hong Kongers to get their own hoarding stories off their chests. Social content featuring the film’s characters as well as a new line of covetable merchandise are in the works.

“There’s a deep bond between Cathay and Hong Kongers over all the trips taken in the past 70 years. Every pen, deck of cards, cup, or eye mask we have at home brings us back to the fond memories of each trip. We love the idea of celebrating flying again with this universal truth, telling the story through the lens of these ‘keepsakes’ between the airline and its customers,” said Natalie Lam, Chief Creative Officer of Publicis Groupe APAC & MEA.

“Let’s Get Moving ;P” targets everyone who has a little piece of Cathay at home – wink, wink. It launches in Hong Kong throughout April and May.


Client: Cathay
Edward Bell, General Manager, Brand, Insights, and Marketing Communications, Cathay Pacific
Vivian Chan, Head of Marketing Communications, Cathay Pacific
Ricardo Lo, Marketing Manager, HK, Cathay Pacific
Fiona Tang, Assistant Marketing Manager, HK, Cathay Pacific
Rita Chan, Assistant Marketing Manager, HK, Cathay Pacific
Parco Leung, Marketing Specialist, Cathay Pacific
Anthony Wu, Marketing Manager, Global, Cathay Pacific
Kasey Yim, Social Marketing Manager, Cathay Pacific

Agency: Publicis Groupe Hong Kong
Natalie Lam, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Groupe Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa
Jason Williams, Head of Creative Excellence Publicis Groupe APAC MEA
Christopher Lee, Executive Creative Director, Publicis Groupe HK
Halo Cheng, Group Creative Director, Leo Burnett HK
Huey Wong, Creative Director, Leo Burnett HK
Miriam Yip, Creative Director, Leo Burnett HK
Dennis Yeung, Managing Partner, Leo Burnett HK
Kenneth Poon, Business Director, Leo Burnett HK
Jan Cheung, Associate Account Director, Leo Burnett HK

Production & VFX: UPP
Director: Oskar Bard
Music: Massive Music

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