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Coca-Cola Vietnam sets world record while celebrating family through the Vietnamese Tet tradition

HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM — Coca-Cola Vietnam set the world’s largest Vietnamese Tet meal table with the participation of 1,000 multi-generational families at Hoa Lu Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City. This special record of Coca-Cola honors the tradition of family reunions over Vietnamese Tet meals and conveys the message “Tet may change, the magic remains.”

After two years of the pandemic, the great Coca-Cola event before Tet holiday has officially returned. On January 08, 2023, the event set a record for “Vietnamese Tet table with the largest number of participating families in the world” is held at Hoa Lu Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of more than 1,000 families and guests. This is the great Tet dinner that Coca-Cola proudly organized to bring together families and the community, connecting them over the shared excitement and anticipation of the Tet season.


Coca-Cola’s “World’s Largest Timeless Table” event was recognized as a record-setting event by the World Records Union (Worldkings). A total of 436 tables are arranged into the characteristic shape of two Coca-Cola bottles. More than 3,000 people from 1,000 Vietnamese families are seated around the tables to set a record, enjoy a Tet party with a variety of traditional dishes, and exchange and share special memories of past family reunions. The event highlighted the warm magic and belonging of family reunion meals that Coca-Cola wishes to bring to Vietnamese consumers.

Sharing more about this special record, Leonardo Garcia, General Director of Coca-Cola Vietnam and Cambodia, said, “Coca-Cola has been part of millions of Vietnamese family dinners for almost 30 years. We know how important the Tet reunion meal is for Vietnamese. This year, with the “Timeless Magic Table” event, we bring back the memories of old Tet family meals with an ice-cold Coke, because we know those meals can connect family members of all generations, something that never changes.”

Also in this event, Coca-Cola set more records, the “Vietnamese Tet table with the largest number of participating families in the world” and, together with partner Al’s Fresco, set the record for “The organization that gives away 1,000 pizzas to serve the most families in the same event in Vietnam.” Both of these records were officially recognized by the World Records Union (Worldkings) and awarded the certificate of establishing a Vietnam Record.

Proud to be part of the Tet meals of millions of Vietnamese families, Coca-Cola is not only enhancing the flavor of Vietnamese dishes but also striving constantly to preserve and promote the values of friendship and community in every Tet season.

This year, Coca-Cola Vietnam has supported more than 5,400 underprivileged people and families across Vietnam to bring home the magic of Tet, with a total value of up to 5.3 billion VND. This is a proud achievement of the company along with the contribution of the community, the valuable companion of associations, unions, strategic partners of the company as well as local authorities, for a better-shared future.

Early on, Coca-Cola announced the message committing to contribute VND 15,000 to the Vietnam Red Cross Tet Fund after each time consumers interacted with the brand on its website. With the support of the community, Coca-Cola and the Vietnam Red Cross supports 3,000 households and underprivileged people across the country through “0 VND Tet Market”. The program aims to support those underprivileged families to bring home the magic of a happy Tet with Coca-Cola. More than 2000 chung cakes and tet cakes will also be sent to students, homeless, and self-employed people in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, who cannot return to their hometown to celebrate Tet.

In addition to the partnership program with Vietnam Red Cross, this year, Coca-Cola continues its tradition of handing out Tet gifts for households and disadvantaged people in the neighborhood of its factories. The program is supported and accompanied by the People’s Committee, the Women’s Unions, and the local Departments of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs, presenting 2,400 Tet gifts to underprivileged people and families in 13 provinces and cities across the country.

Bui Thi Hoa, President of the Vietnam Red Cross, feels thankful for Coca-Cola’s companionship with the Vietnam Red Cross in humanitarian activities for the community over the past 10 years. In all activities, regardless of all forms of support, the company aims at practicality and gratitude for the people and aims at “No one is left behind.”

“The Vietnam Red Cross appreciates your efforts to promptly support people affected by floods and jointly held the ‘Tet Compassion’ 2023 for the first time with many new themes: respect human dignity and beneficiaries’ right to participate and decisions; respect the local cultural habits and traditions; promote the support network in the community so that all people are able to show their social responsibility to the poor and underprivileged by participating in the organization and contributing available resources,” she said. “Beneficiaries are welcomed with a really warm Tet atmosphere both physically and spiritually with a network filled with messages of love and sharing”.

“This year, we especially acknowledge Coca-Cola’s efforts to support resources and ideas to accompany our association to call for support of the community to make the Tet Compassion which is warm, meaningful, and full of humanity in many regions across the country. The company not only contributes physically but also accompanies the Association to spread the positive values of community support to young people and consumers in Vietnam”.

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