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Cossette’s Nicole Ellerton reveals creative process behind new Gerety call to entries campaign

PARIS, FRANCE —  Independent agency Cossette has created a powerful call for entries campaign for the Gerety Awards. With more than 20 translations, the viral campaign emphasizes the power of having a different perspective, the kind that the industry, quite literally, can’t get anywhere else other than the Gerety Awards jury.

Cossette developed the idea of driving entries through a diversified showcase of the value of an all-woman perspective without reinforcing old stereotypes.

In an episode of Gerety Talks, Cossette Canada Group Creative Director Nicole Ellerton explained the creative process behind the campaign.


This year’s jury includes 190 judges from 40 different countries, open to all advertising agencies, advertisers, studios, and production companies worldwide. Both national and international campaigns may compete. The only judging criteria is originality of the idea and creativity in its execution.

Named for Frances Gerety, the copywriter who in 1948 coined the slogan “A diamond is forever,” the Gerety Awards brings together a jury to select the best in advertising from a powerful perspective, creating a benchmark that is relevant to the market reality, all while redefining the standard to which advertising has traditionally been held.

Nicole oversees work for Google Canada, YouTube and General Mills. With more than 20 years in the business, she has honed her skills and experience across multiple disciplines and industries with clients such as Ford, Air Canada, P&G, Walmart, and Viagra. After initially getting her start as a graphic designer, she switched over to Art Direction after falling in love with the intersection of craft and visual storytelling. Nicole loves how no two days in this business are exactly the same and is constantly invigorated by the talent and insightful work the industry is forging in this fast-paced world.

Nicole’s work has been recognized by all of the major award shows including Cannes, One Show, D&AD, Clios, LIAs, Communication Arts, ADCC and the Marketing Awards. She has been honored to lend her talent and experience to multiple judging panels such as Applied Arts, Marketing Awards and Lotus Awards. Nicole has also acted as a student mentor for the Miami Ad School

The 2023 Gerety Awards has a new deadline of April 14. To enter, visit here.

The Gerety Awards announces April 14 as new deadline of entries

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