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Croma’s ‘Constitution of Joy’ mixes warmth and service for Republic Day

MUMBAI, INDIA — Retain chain company Croma’s digital campaign “Constitution of Joy” has come out with a heartwarming film based on the true event of a Croma customer conceptualized by the Croma in-house creative team, produced by Useful Garbage Creations and directed by Gaurav Gupta. It highlights Croma’s primary brand promise: going above and beyond to assist customers.

The film showcases a grieving Mr. K.R. Raamakrishnan breaking down his 10-year-old mixer grinder as he was making food for his grandson’s birthday. The film transitions to a senior staff of Croma seeing the video and contacting the customer service team, who then dispatches the only remaining piece from Delhi.


Shortly, a Croma personnel is seen with a gift package outside the elderly man’s doorsteps in Tamil Nadu. The film expresses Croma’s dedication to providing its customers with the best-in-class end-to-end shopping experience and understands that behind every small electronic there are countless memories.

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