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Love Andaman reveals how a campaign turned tourism’s off-season into a booming time

BANGKOK, THAILAND — With the tourism industry hard-hit because of the Covid-19 pandemic, tour firm Love Andaman partnered with creative agency Yell BKK to launch a unique and attention-grabbing campaign. The result? “Buy a tour like an island owner,” an initiative that included a special promotion, flexible travel date, and new point-of-sale.

Yell BKK was aware of the issue that when people want to purchase tour packages, there are often delayed
responses in the chat inbox. This is why it advised the brand to expand its customer pickup point to Shopee in
order to allow in-app package purchases. It is also more convenient and faster, reducing negotiations and inquiries when compared to using social commerce, which was previously the primary channel. This means that the campaign had the potential to solve up to two problems: creating a point of sale from the issue and resolving sales process issues.


Using creative materials and precise media optimization was a critical foundation for achieving the campaign’s goals. Optimizing Love Andaman’s beautiful travel content, Yell BKK did the advertisements completely from Awareness stage, down to Consideration, Purchase, Maintenance, and Expansion to a larger audience, which resulted in the following:

  • 2,900 Inbox messages

All this led to a total sales of USD 1,160,000 in the first month. The campaign also won Silver in the Commercials, Teaser, Trailers: Cinema Teaser and Trailers category from the World Media Festivals Tourism & Travel Media Awards 2022 contest in Germany, and the brand also won Bronze in the Best e-Commerce Campaign Content Marketing from Asia eCommerce Awards 2022.

Love Andaman’s campaign success stemmed from the brand recognizing its problem of overselling, yet it learned how to use an unfamiliar but more appropriate marketing channel at the time. Furthermore, perseverance and an open mind to see obstacles as new opportunities resulted in Love Andaman being the only company whose sales increased during the pandemic, in contrast to other competitors in the same business.

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