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Eastpak’s ‘Built to Resist’ campaign by Mutant takes us to Martian terrain to prove its durability

FLORIDA, USA — Lifestyle brand Eastpak has launched its 2023 global brand campaign which reinforces its iconic creative platform, “Built to Resist.”

For the 21st-century iteration of “Built to Resist,” independent creative agency Mutant created a multi-channel campaign that will run on social media, digital channels, in-store, and OOH. “Built to Resist 2023” not only brings the Eastpak DNA of positivity and creative self-expression to life but also demonstrates and reinforces the iconic brand’s most prominent product benefit: durability. With every bag coming with a 30-year warranty, it’s entirely possible that an Eastpak could still be around when mankind is exploring new terrain on Mars.


Honoring the brand’s legacy in youth culture, Mutant combined the fun-loving, brave, venturous Eastpak mindset with a clear representation of the product’s durability in a futuristic setting. “Built to Resist 2023” fasts forward to the future where humankind is exploring the new terrain of life on Mars. The cinematic film visualizes a futuristic society where although we no longer inhabit planet Earth, our recreational pursuits remain the same. Our new home permits our desire for playful adventure and supports our youthful energy of exploration and fun.

“Built to Resist 2023” is also a nostalgic nod to Eastpak’s iconic 1997 “Skeleton” campaign, and eagle-eyed viewers just might spot a very fleeting guest appearance from a bony friend.

Florence Blanckaert, Brand Marketing Manager at Eastpak, said, “Creating a brand campaign is something personal, especially to a heritage brand like Eastpak. It takes trust and partnership. Mutant was the perfect partner and extension of our team in envisioning the future and creative interpretation of our iconic Built to Resist. Pushing the boundaries and keeping us all on our toes. We can’t wait to unveil the result.”

Commenting on the partnership, Mutant Founder and Executive Creative Director Odin Saillée added, “There are few brands with such an iconic and timeless baseline as Eastpak. This is the kind of stuff you live for as an agency: attaching your creative interpretation to the thread and showing the world what Built to Resist means in our current cultural climate.”

The campaign will run in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Finland, US, Canada, Cyprus, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Japan, Poland, Israel, Korea, Middle East, and Hungary.

Eastpak has been making long-lasting products since 1952 when it started out as Eastern Canvas Products, making durable gear for the US military. Since then, it has introduced a limited 30-year warranty to let the bags live up to their potential.

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