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Fenesta Windows strikes emotional chord by telling a father-daughter story

MUMBAI, INDIA — Windows and doors brand Fenesta celebrated its 20th anniversary with a heart-warming campaign titled “Bees saal, tumhaara khayal” which struck an emotional chord with its customers. The campaign, released across all digital platforms, highlights the journey of Fenesta with its customers over the years, showcasing the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional products and services.

The digital video captures the beautiful relationship between a father and daughter over a span of 20 years. The thought behind the digital film was to celebrate the brand that has been a part of its customer’s life for two decades. Fenesta provides a window into the soul of a relationship, not only providing wonderful scenic views but also acting as a protector, just like a father.


The film shows an enduring relationship between a father and his daughter. Through the years, the little girl grows up waiting for her father to return from work. This is showcased in different scenarios from when she was a little girl, when she turned into a tween, when she studied by the window on a stormy night, and when she turned into a pretty teenager and got lost in a conversation with a boy.

The different times are interspersed with evolving relationship between the father and the daughter. In the end, the roles change and we see the father waiting for the daughter to return from work. The film signs off with “20 years of care.”

The beautiful lyrics of the song celebrate the relationship between the father and daughter and give insight into human relationships – how a huge part of love is waiting – waiting by the window.

Someone is peeping
Someone is seeking
Someone is waiting for you by the window
Years have been turning pages
Seasons have been changing colors
Someone is peeping
Someone is seeking
Someone is waiting for you by the window

Susmita Nag, CMO, Fenesta Building Systems, said, “Twenty years is a huge milestone for Fenesta. Fenesta has been a brand that has been built with a commitment to serving customers the best windows and doors solutions and services. To celebrate this anniversary, we are excited to present this heart-warming tale of a father-daughter relationship that has been captured through our windows. Fenesta windows have always been the protector and the eyes to the outside world, and this ad beautifully showcases how they can also be the witness to life’s most precious moments.”

Santanu & Joydeep, producers of the film, said, “When we got the brief our challenge was to create an authoritative positioning of the brand showcasing the 20 years legacy in a minute’s duration, none other than Titus could we think of to appoint as the creator of the content. Talent aggregation as we call it was the key to crack the project”

Titus Upputuru, the writer and director behind the film, said “It was a wonderful privilege to do this film for Fenesta. 20 years is a long time and Fenesta is part of Indian fabric for two decades now. When we started thinking about the role that a window plays in our life, we realized it is not just to provide a view. The emotional attachment that we all have to our windows is so much more. We have all waited for standing by the window and life is a lot about waiting too. We wanted to capture this insight. The film celebrates this idea by capturing the enduring relationship between Fenesta and the Indian consumer through the father-daughter metaphor, showing different ways the relationship evolves over time. It was a challenge to create twenty years in the space of two minutes, showing different times and seasons but as always God helped”

Since its inception in 2003, Fenesta has been committed to delivering high-quality, innovative, and sustainable solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of its customers. Over the years, the brand has earned the trust of millions of customers and has become a household name in India. It has presence across 350 cities in the country and international markets.

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