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GIO and Ogilvy show the precious value of everyday items

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Car insurance company GIO has unveiled a new brand platform through creative agency Ogilvy, marking a new strategic direction for the insurance leader. The “Protect Precious” campaign introduces a novel approach in a sector typically focused on disaster response.

With the tagline, “If it’s precious to you, protect it with us,” the campaign underscores that valuables need not be expensive or moments life-altering to warrant insurance; they only need to be special.

Mim Haysom, Suncorp EGM for Brand and Customer Experience, explained, “The ‘Protect Precious’ campaign illustrates GIO’s understanding of the unique significance different belongings hold for our customers. It conveys that even items of modest monetary value can be incredibly precious, warranting protection.”

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The multi-channel campaign launched this week, featuring TV, cinema, BVOD, SVOD, online, social, OOH, radio, digital audio, digital display, and 1:1 channels, with tailored executions for home, motor, and SME insurance.

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The narrative unfolds like a short film, exploring stories of cherished items. For example, the Car Insurance commercial, “Your Precious Pierre,” follows Peter and his beloved hatchback, Pierre, as they transition from country life to the city, highlighting the vehicle’s significant role in his life.

Hilary Badger, ECD at Ogilvy Australia, shared, “This campaign taps into the deep human instinct to protect what we value. We explore why we cherish our possessions and what they signify to us, which is crucial for understanding the importance of quality insurance coverage. This project has allowed us to craft a uniquely positive narrative in a field often preoccupied with potential perils.”

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Client: GIO (Suncorp)

  • Mim Haysom: CMO/EGM Brand & Customer Experience
  • Rapthi Thanapalasingam: Head of Brand & Content
  • Mark Condon: GIO Marketing Manager
  • Bryony Nickless: GIO Marketing Manager

Creative Agency: Ogilvy Australia Production
Agency: Hogarth
Media Agency: OMD
Production: Revolver
Stills: James Geer
Post-Production: Heckler
Sound & Music: Rumble Retouching
Studio: Studio ADFX TVC
Stills Photographer: Stefan Wellsmore

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