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Google Cloud India honors India’s problem solvers with new campaign by Kinnect

MUMBAI, INDIA – As part of its flagship event Cloud Next 22, Google Cloud unveiled its new brand film “Hum Banayenge” that cements its commitment to the country and builds awareness for its range of products and services. The campaign aims to show how since its inception, Google Cloud has consistently enabled aspirations and helped Indian companies transform themselves digitally. Agency Kinnect has conceptualized and executed the  film as a part of a long-term digital campaign.

Watch the brand film here.


True to Google Cloud’s philosophy of staying user-first, the film showcases three problems faced by Indians across different segments. Representing Google Cloud’s clients and partners in this film are Mahindra Finance, Josh Talks, and, who continue to solve these critical problems in the lives of the end consumers.

The film is both a declaration of the “Hum Banayenge” (We will build the solution) philosophy and a trailer for the stories to follow. Each of these stories features founders and owners partnered with the brand at different points in their journey to innovate and strengthen their solutions. #HumBanayenge is Google Cloud’s first campaign in this market and targets its audience through this shared spirit of questioning, “Why not?” when faced with a problem.

Commenting on the new campaign, Google Cloud India Head of Regional Marketing Virginia Sharma said: “In this campaign we follow the journeys of end users of our customers’ products and services and the human outcomes of solutions built on Google Cloud. I believe that the collective effort of our Cloud customers, be it bootstrapped startups or leading conglomerates, is what will enable India’s digital transformation in the next 25 years. I’m really proud of this campaign because it moves from convincing minds to winning hearts.”

Kinnect Senior Creative Director Madhura Haldipur added, “It’s a privilege to be able to work on a brand like Google Cloud with solid values; it informs every decision you make on the campaign. We wanted to do justice to this unique spirit that takes guts before the glory, sees a single-minded focus to find a solution, and has the heart and belief to see it through. With this campaign, we hope to show that behind ‘b2b’ are real humans who are making a difference in the lives of other humans.”

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