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Grandma knows what’s cool in BBDO Bangkok and Samsung Electronic’s expert-approved campaign

BANGKOK, THAILAND — It’s out with the old and in with the…older? In a delightful twist to influencer marketing, BBDO Bangkok teams up with Samsung Electronics to introduce the “GRANDMA-FLUENCER” campaign for Samsung WindFree™ Air Conditioners, making a breezy entrance into the hearts of Thailand’s Gen Z and Millennials.

The Challenge: Overcoming generational skepticism

While Samsung shines globally across various tech sectors, its air conditioner segment in Thailand faces the tough task of overcoming years of scepticism, especially among the vibrant youth of Gen Millennials and Gen Z. 

The Insight: In Thailand, grandmas usually don’t like changing their minds and usually have the final say

So, BBDO Bangkok looked closer to home for inspiration. In Thai homes, grandparents don’t like to change their minds which in turn affects household purchasing decisions. “This got us thinking: why not turn the grandmother, who rarely changes her mind, into an influencer with the mission to convince the whole family to change theirs, proving that even the most traditional-minded grandma can roll with the times,” shared Thasorn Boonyanate (Pete), Chief Creative Office of BBDO Bangkok.


A techno-savvy grandma takes the lead

“By flipping the script on traditional influencer campaigns, we’re not just cooling rooms; we’re warming up to the idea that perhaps, in matters of comfort and cutting-edge tech (plus if grandma knows how to do a backflip out the window), grandma probably knows what’s best,” Pete added.

This humorous online film stars the grandmother of a popular Thai influencer, who dives into the world of air conditioning with effortless ease and a touch of mischief. Equipped with a knack for tech lingo and a smile that lights up the screen, she serves as an engaging and persuasive showcase of Samsung’s innovation. 

She’s not just winning hearts; she’s selling AC’s.

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