TOKYO – Harley-Davidson Japan launches their new test ride service GO LIVE, GO RIDE – HARLEY-DAVIDSON WEEKEND RIDE. Created in partnership with ideas and innovation company AKQA, the service turns the ordinary test drive into a unique weekend experience – showing people how their lives will change while riding a Harley-Davidson motorbike.

Harley-Davidson Japan puts great emphasis on the test ride experience, but nothing could have prepared audiences for essentially a free Harley-Davidson Weekend Ride that allows riders to try out one of their seven latest bike models.

Successful applicants will have the Harley-Davidson model of their choice delivered to their home together with the exclusive GO LIVE, GO RIDE box. This contains Harley-Davidson gear such as a leather jacket, gloves and helmet, as well as a GoPro camera to capture their journey. They can keep the bike for the weekend to immerse themselves fully in the Harley-Davidson lifestyle.

Stuart Farrell, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson Japan said: “A Harley-Davidson is much more than just a bike; it’s a lifestyle. The Weekend Ride experience taps right into this feeling and goes far beyond the basic test drive of just checking functions and having a short ride. People have the opportunity to explore how their life will feel and could change when owning a Harley-Davidson bike.”

To apply for a Harley-Davidson Weekend Ride, please visit