MANILA – Nielsen today announced that they are offering viewability measurement by demographic using clients’ viewability vendor of choice within Nielsen’s industry-standard digital advertising measurement solution, Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings. Viewability by age and gender segments is now available for all computer display and video impressions in all Digital Ad Ratings markets, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In recent years, the digital ad industry has begun to shift away from served impressions toward viewable impressions as the basis for validated delivery of digital ad campaigns. At the same time, advertisers and agencies are demanding greater assurances that an ad has been delivered with the opportunity to be seen by the intended audience. The availability of viewable impressions by age and gender allows clients to better analyse, optimize and evaluate campaign performance. By providing a demographic look at viewable unique audience, GRPs and on-target rates by site and placement, users will have better insights to validate campaign performance goals and inform future planning.

Nielsen is also offering a choice of integrated viewability providers and flexibility to employ multiple viewability thresholds concurrently, helping clients adapt to an industry that is more dynamic than ever.

“The marketplace is using a variety of viewability thresholds and providers, so we are giving clients the flexibility to understand how delivery varies and optimize accordingly,” said David Wong, Senior Vice President of Digital Product Leadership at Nielsen. “Viewability and fraud are critical industry issues, and we are working with leading technology companies to provide the measurement that our clients demand.”

Based on client feedback, Nielsen has been working with a growing number of viewability providers, including DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science and Moat, to deliver viewable, human, demographic ad metrics within Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings using a single tag. This single integrated solution will help simplify viewability implementation while accommodating the preferences of ad buyers and sellers.

“Viewability is central to our ability to validate the successful exposure of digital campaigns, and we’re always looking for new ways to help clients optimize their marketing spend,” said Mitch Weinstein, Senior Vice President of Ad Operations at IPG Mediabrands. “With Nielsen’s ability to combine viewability metrics from our providers of choice with audience measurement, we are meeting the growing need to track in-demo, in-view impressions.”

“We applaud Nielsen’s work to integrate viewability measurement from multiple providers within the Digital Ad Ratings solution,” said Mark Torrance, CTO at Rocket Fuel. “As agencies and advertisers continue to shift to a viewable impression standard, it’s critical that we can measure and optimize the ‘opportunity to see’ within key demographics. Unified measurement will drive efficiency and increase transparency throughout the digital media supply chain.”