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HSBC fulfills Hong Kongers’ wishes in citywide AR game ‘Wishing Tree for 7,000,000’

HONG KONG — Growing on the success of last year’s “HSBC 1.23 Go Goal Day,” HSBC and Wunderman Thompson Hong Kong have come together again to empower Hongkongers to move towards their goals this new year and open up a world of opportunity.

Coinciding with the Chinese New Year in 2023, the campaign centers around the festive ritual of wish-making.


Using augmented reality (AR) technology, a virtual wishing tree was created to carry the wishes of seven million citizens. The wish-making tradition was gamified together with a lucky draw to incentivize city-wide participation, which is all supported by a full suite of product offers including payment, account opening, investments, and more.

Hongkongers can participate by pointing their phone toward the HSBC Main Building, selecting the seed that befits their wish, and tossing it toward the building to add their blossom to the HSBC Wishing Tree for 7,000,000. Participants are then prompted to register for the Lucky Draw with a total prize pool of $1,230,000 RewardCash.

Each seed of the Wishing Tree for 7,000,000 is a visual representation of the wishes that people make, which then blossoms into an auspicious flower to symbolize how their dreams would come true with the support of HSBC. The words of blessings were creatively crafted to be witty and culturally relevant to engage with the local audience in an entertaining and resonating way.

The AR technology is a supported series of launch videos distributed online, with celebrities taking the lead to set their new year’s resolutions.

The 1.23 Go Goal Day will continue to grow hopes and dreams with people in Hong Kong as they usher into a new year of wealth and prosperity.

Start wishing to enter the lucky draw.

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