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Introducing NepoBB: The groundbreaking search engine that uncovers the truth about nepotism

LONDON, UK — Prepare yourself for NEPOBB, a revolutionary search engine that will sweep the internet. The cutting-edge platform NEPOBB, created by W+K London‘s creative geniuses Winona Wee and André Mezzomo, is supported by ChatGPT’s AI technology. Its purpose? To answer the question: Are these “Nepo babies” indeed “Nebo Blue” children? 

NEPOBB is not your typical search engine; it offers a unique, immersive, and transforming experience. Imagine a retro Y2K-inspired style with a sassy and lively tone that takes you back to the time of wacky clothing and dial-up internet with no boring unnecessary algorithms. That’s the spirit that fuels the NEPOBB search engine.

So what really is “NEPOBB”? For starters, it involves more than merely entering names to get results. The goal of NEPOBB is to spark a vibrant debate regarding nepotism and the advantages it gives some people. Like us, Winona and André are interested in learning more about what it means to be a “nepo baby” and how this phenomena affects people’s lives.


Let’s look into the interesting facts in more detail. Who or what are these “Nebo Blue” babies? The intriguing idea proposed by NEPOBB is NEBO, the made-up Nepotism Blue Book. The phrase “Nebo Blue” describes people from wealthy families who have better prospects in life because of family connections. On the other hand, “Nepo babies” are those who benefit from nepotism, regardless of their actual family background. NEPOBB aims to provoke thought and spark conversations about nepotism’s impact on society and the advantages and disadvantages it can affect upon certain individuals.

While NEPOBB has a playful tone, it doesn’t hold back in exploring the motivation for the campaign. It aims to amuse users while simultaneously inspiring them to consider the bigger picture effects of privilege and access. NEPOBB is more than just a statement; it’s a call to investigate and consider the nuanced dimensions of nepotism.

NEPOBB can be your go-to if you have the curious mind to take part and learn the reality behind the hype, and enjoy yourself to the fullest while thinking about how privilege and opportunity affects the real life. 

Embrace the captivating journey at and prepare to challenge your perspective on nepotism, one search at a time.

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