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Intuit and Movement Strategy offer a glimpse into the AI-powered financial future

MOUNTAIN VIEW, USA — Software company Intuit knows that financial prosperity isn’t a rabbit that can simply be pulled out of a magician’s hat. What if, through the power of AI, it could at least be a little easier to plan for your financial future? To help customers embrace AI’s limitless possibilities, Intuit teamed with Movement Strategy for its “Automagical” campaign, a fun, multi-part effort to bring a dash of magic to social media while showcasing the benefit of Intuit’s human experts powered by AI. 

No stranger to innovative tech, Intuit is the global financial technology platform behind Intuit TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp. More recently, it announced an expansion of its already robust platform architecture to include a proprietary Generative AI operating system (GenOS) with custom-trained financial large language models (LLMs) that specialize in solving tax, accounting, marketing, cash flow, and personal finance challenges.   

As consulting and executional partners since 2022, helping to bring Intuit to TikTok, work with influencers, and much more, Movement conceived “Automagical” as a way to reinforce Intuit’s position as the top AI-driven financial expert and platform while giving people a peek into the exciting future it enables.


“With the dawn of this new era of artificial intelligence comes a profound sense of uncertainty about what the future holds,” explained Movement Strategy CEO Jason Mitchell. “But the future can be fun too. For a long time, the future came through things for which we still hold a great deal of nostalgia: Magic 8-Balls, fortune-telling machines, tarot cards, horoscopes, and aura photography. We realized that by tapping into these beloved experiences and imbuing them with the power of artificial intelligence, we could launch Intuit’s new range of generative AI capabilities in a way that replaces the fear of uncertainty with the joy of nostalgia.” 

Working with Intuit, Movement teased the campaign across Intuit’s social media channels with a mix of influencer content and mysterious, Magic 8 Ball-themed messages. It then worked to infuse as much of the campaign and content with generative AI as possible, launching two distinct experiences. 

The first, an “Automagical” microsite, offers users a robust AI experience where users can supply photos, answer a series of questions, and receive their unique “financial auras” along with a fun explanation of their aura color. The site also turns each user’s photos into a custom avatar, another expression of their financial persona. For Instagram and TikTok users, Intuit offers a similar experience,  a companion custom filter that generates users’ unique “financial auras” within each app. 

“The AI-generated imagery is perfect for social platform profile pics,” added Jason. “These depictions of financial energy are a great callback to our shared love of magical keepsakes as well as working to forge human connections between users and Intuit’s new range of GenAI-infused capabilities.” 

Movement’s influencer marketer team also worked with a variety of creators to demonstrate their use of Intuit’s aura microsite and filters and even come up with their own “automagical” moments via skits and other content. For example, video editing wizards Jesse Richards and Jillian Nicole Smith perform financial-themed sleight of hand, earning 1.1M Video Views across TikTok and Instagram Reels. Meanwhile, influencer Maddie Winter, personal finance guru Nick Meyer, and artist Vita Kari all tried out Intuit’s microsite and filters, earning more than 2.4M video views and 69K clicks to the site to date.  

Overall, the GenAI content generated 572K total engagements, with Intuit’s TikTok seeing a 62% increase in ER compared to channel benchmarks for fiscal year 2023. 

In working with a rapidly evolving suite of AI tools, Movement discovered an incredible opportunity for playful experimentation on social media, a medium invaluable in helping Intuit strengthen its reputation as an industry leader in the financial technology sector for consumer and small business customers. 

“We believe that all highly impactful brand marketing today is grounded in spaces where connections are formed and maintained, harkening back to our social-born roots,” said Jason.  “With this campaign, we saw an opportunity to not only demonstrate the magic of this new technology for Intuit’s consumers but also the value in having online communities advocate amongst their peers. So much of the conversation around GenAI feels so cold and impersonal. With Intuit, we’re excited to present a vision of the future of AI that’s a lot rosier.” 

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