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Jollibee fans share stories behind their favorite Chickenjoy this holiday season

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Jollibee’s latest campaign highlights the enduring appeal of Chickenjoy as a favored choice for fried chicken in the country. Beyond its delicious taste, Chickenjoy has become a cultural icon, weaving joyful connections among millions over the years

The campaign goes beyond the crispy, juicy goodness of Chickenjoy and unveils the stories and sentiments that make every Chickenjoy lover a part of a massive community, the proud Chickenjoyers. 

For Chickenjoyers, Chickenjoy is not just a meal. It’s an experience that’s enjoyed by individuals and families alike for its crispy and flavorful skin, juicy and tender meat, and signature gravy. As a tried-and-tested classic, Chickenjoy has stood the test of time and has been part of many memorable moments or life events of customers, earning its place as a frontrunner in the industry.  


“You know you’re a Chickenjoyer when you not only love the taste but also have a deep connection to it, whether it’s through sweet childhood memories or unmatched moments of satisfaction,” said Mari Aldecoa, Jollibee Philippines Assistant Vice President for Masterbrand and Chicken. “Every time one bites into Chickenjoy, they are reminded of why it’s their favorite. Jollibee loves Chickenjoyers just as much and aims to give back the same kind of joy to its valued customers.” 

Jollibee’s new ad brings to life what it truly means to be a Chickenjoyer, showcasing the diverse emotions and memories associated with this iconic dish. 

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