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Lay’s spices things up with new flavors from Korea, America, and Mexico

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The renowned chips brand, Lay’s, has reinvigorated the snacking experience, offering a thrilling global taste expedition with their exciting new flavors.

In collaboration with the innovative team at creative agency BBDO Guerrero, Lay’s engaged the online community with a sense of intrigue. Through animated geo pins that hinted at a range of flavor inspirations, the brand kept everyone guessing. The culmination was a series of three captivating 15-second films, skillfully directed by the acclaimed Marius Talampas under Lay’s Philippines, unveiling these delectable culinary treasures.

Known for serving culinary heat in their dishes, the Spicy flavor takes inspiration from Korea where the kick of chili delivers an authentic Asian experience like no other.


The Tomato Ketchup flavor packs a sweet and tangy combination, a favorite condiment in the United States of America.

Rachelle Virata, Frito-Lay’s Marketing Manager, said, “At Lay’s, we’ve always been more than just snacks, we’re in the business of creating smiles. Guided by a deep understanding of our consumers, we’re now amplifying our commitment to their experience. As we unveil our thrilling new flavors in the Philippines, it’s not merely about introducing a new taste, but about offering a curated journey for the palate. Dive in, and let every bite transport you to a sensation that’s both novel and unmistakably Lay’s.”

Emman Carandang, BBDO Guerrero’s Creative Director and Head of Art, said, “We wanted to make sure that each variant can perfectly represent the culture and spirit behind each flavor origin. We wanted the visuals to encapsulate the distinct flavors to encourage our consumers to explore a new and exciting snacking experience.”

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