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Wunderman Thompson Singapore makes a great showing at Mad Stars 2023 with 16 wins under its belt

SINGAPORE — Wunderman Thompson took home one of the best showings at MAD STARS last Friday with 30 wins across the board.  

Wunderman Thompson Singapore secured a majority of the wins with 16 coming from the office across the awards night in Korea. The win for the office included two Grand Prix for Unilever’s “Change the Angle” in Livestream and Sponsorship categories, and eight Gold and Bronze wins across a myriad of other categories.  

The “Change the Angle” movement challenged the objectification that women face in sports — the main culprits being the media cameras that deliberately focus on women’s breasts, buttocks, thighs, and crotches. The campaign received 4.7 billion impressions and was picked up by more than 377 publications worldwide, including the BBC, Yahoo, The Telegraph, Washington Daily News, and Boston Herald, among others. 


The office also took home wins for Haelon’s “Pollution Pencil” including one Gold, one Silver, and three Crystals. The innovative project collects pollution by-products and uses them to make (certified non-toxic) pencils for underprivileged children in Bengaluru, India.  

In the first two months alone, 2 billion cubic feet of air was cleaned – resulting in 10,000 pencils created with the residue harvested. The project has been created with a self-sustaining ecosystem in mind, where by selling the pencils funds are raised for more purifiers to be installed. The initiative has helped fund 2.5 times more purifiers which will help more than 6,800 children breathe cleaner air. 

Other office wins included Wunderman Thompson Hong Kong with one Gold, two Bronze, and two Crystals for Penguin Random House’sIn My Own Voice.” Wunderman Thompson Philippines’ “Punctuation Breaks” for KITKAT secured one Silver and Bronze, along with two Crystals. 

Wunderman Thompson Thailand took home six crystals for its work with KFC, and Tra Mongkut. The KFC wins included “Fried Chicken Incense Sticks” where the agency started a new ritual for Thailand’s Chinese New Year and drove sales up by 161% from the previous year. This also includes the Valentine’s Day campaign for KFC called “Wheel for One” which took solo dining to new heights where thousands of people lined up to dine in the world’s first Single Ferris Wheel with their bucket for one. 

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