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Potato Corner introduces Poco, the energetic mascot set to enrich snacking experiences everywhere

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Potato Corner, the beloved provider of flavorful fries, has introduced Poco, the vibrant and playful new mascot poised to capture hearts around the globe. After over 30 years of spreading joy through its iconic snacks, Potato Corner is embarking on an exciting new chapter with the introduction of Poco.

Poco embodies the spirit of fun, friendliness, and youthful exuberance that Potato Corner stands for. The brand aimed to create a mascot that captivates its audience and forges a deeper emotional connection with them, enriching their experience.

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“We want our guests to associate Poco with traits like fun, friendliness, and youthful exuberance. Poco is the life of the party, always ready to bring a smile to your face and make every moment a memorable one,” said Kitty Silayan, Brand Manager at Potato Corner. “Poco is more than just a mascot; it’s a symbol of the joyful moments shared over flavorful snacks at Potato Corner. With its playful demeanor and infectious energy, Poco embodies the essence of our brand, adding an extra layer of fun to every Potato Corner encounter,” Silayan emphasizes during an interview.


Inspired by the playful essence of Poco, Potato Corner also launched an array of merchandise that mirrors its beloved mascot’s infectious energy and colorful personality. From stylish apparel to playful accessories, each item is crafted with attention to detail to evoke the same sense of excitement and delight that Poco brings to every Potato Corner encounter. Potato Corner’s latest merchandise lineup includes Graphic Tees adorned with Poco designs, stylish Bucket Hats perfect for sunny days, trendy Tote Bags for carrying your essentials in style, adorable stickers that capture Poco’s charm, and a cute magnetic Poco Plushie that you can place on your shoulder, allowing you to share flavorful moments with Poco anytime, anywhere.

“The inspiration behind the Poco Merchandise stems from our desire to encapsulate Poco’s personality — playful, friendly, energetic, and outgoing — in merchandise items that are trendy and attractive to our guests. With vibrant colors and cheerful designs featuring Poco, our merchandise collection aims to bring delight and good times to those who will wear/use it,” shared Dea Santos, Marketing Head at Potato Corner. “This is just the beginning – as we see the overwhelming enthusiasm for Poco and our merchandise line, we’re eager to explore new opportunities for expansion and innovation.”

With Poco leading the way, Potato Corner invites fans old and new to join this exciting journey filled with laughter, friendship, and fond memories.

To learn more about Poco and explore the exciting merchandise line, visit here.

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