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PANA upgrades Brand Academy initiative via partnership with Asian Institute of Management

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) annually hosts a dynamic learning program tailored for emerging marketing professionals. Known as the PANA Brand Academy, this four-Friday seminar series is meticulously crafted for junior marketers and brand architects. The program serves as a robust foundation, endowing participants with contemporary, industry-specific knowledge and skills essential for excelling in the competitive marketing arena. Each session is anchored in the latest industry practices and trends, imparted by distinguished personalities in marketing communications.

This year, PANA has forged a partnership with the Asian Institute of Management’s School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning (SEELL). This collaboration is set to offer PANA members a significant opportunity to enhance their professional journey by pursuing a postgraduate certificate program with AIM, a venerated institution renowned for its exceptional executive education and commitment to lifelong learning.

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and societal developments, the ability to adapt and embrace change is not merely beneficial but essential. Lifelong learning has become a critical component for success across all industries, extending well beyond the realm of marketing communications.


PANA has consistently served as a catalyst for change. Its partnership with the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is a testament to its dedication to members, rewarding their steadfast loyalty and support for the association’s initiatives. This collaboration is more than a mere offering; it is a reflection of PANA’s unwavering mission to lead and support the advocacy for effective, responsible, responsive marketing communications and brand building that foster enterprise growth.

The institution is a staunch advocate for self-regulation, consumer protection, and the cultivation of core values. This follows PANA’s commitment is to raise the standard of marketing communications practice to meet, and even surpass, global benchmarks.

Unlock the doors to learning with PANA Brand Academy. This is open to all PANA members and non-members alike, with no age restrictions. There is no age limit so everyone is welcome to enroll. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity, enroll today to guarantee your spot in this exceptional program. Follow us on Facebook for more details and updates. Click here to register.

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