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Singapore’s Land Transport Authority rolls out awareness campaign for electric vehicles with The Secret Little Agency

SINGAPORE — The Land Transport Authority (LTA) unveiled the first of a three-part series of films to demonstrate electric vehicles as a reality of Singapore’s mobility. While awareness of electric vehicles is high amongst Singaporeans, the new campaign seeks to educate Singaporeans about the ready infrastructure supporting the adoption of electric vehicles that exist today and into the near future.  

The campaign aims to ensure that electric vehicle readiness is hyper-visible to the public by making it part of the everyday lexicon and culture through the language of cinema. Titled “Now Showing on Roads Near You,” the campaign puts the power of cinema storytelling to surprising use to show how electric vehicles and their supporting infrastructure aren’t just a thing of the future but are highly present in the here and now. 

Collaborating with beloved and prominent film directors, each film within the three-part series will touch on three aspects of electric vehicle readiness:

  • Ease and convenience of switching to an electric vehicle through a comprehensive charging infrastructure network across the country
  • The electrification of public transportation drives environmental benefits and
  • Longevity of a full charge of an average electric vehicle – each taking on a different genre of cinema. 

The first of the series touches on longevity and range, in the style of an action thriller. Created in collaboration with Abundant Films and Director Jesse James Mcelroy, the film follows a protagonist on a thrilling mission to save his family on one single electric vehicle charge. It brings the viewer through an epic journey with thoroughly entertaining plot twists and turns, while cleverly demonstrating just how much mileage can be achieved with a single electric vehicle charge. 

“A cleaner future powered by electric vehicles is inevitable and something all Singaporeans can look forward to, just like an upcoming blockbuster at the cinema. And so ‘Now Showing On Roads Near You’ was born as we create the kind of sizzle that movie trailers do starting with this trailer all about the amazing things you can do in just one charge,” said Nicholas Ye & Mavis Neo, Co-chief Creative Officers at The Secret Little Agency.

The upcoming two films in this three-part series are slated to be released between mid-January to early February and will see the campaign culminating towards the Chinese New Year period. 

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