MANILA – A recent theme that has been resonating throughout the Philippines has been “change.” Whether it be the national elections, a change in logos and slogans of certain brands, or something else, it would seem that change is definitely in the air. It is that same concept of change that is at the heart of McDonald’s Philippines’ most recent campaign. Dubbed “Welcome Change Day,” July 4th was targeted to bring this to life.

“’Welcome Change Day’ was an event we created for the new Burger McDo campaign,” shares Kring Lao, Marketing Director for McDonald’s Philippines. “Harping on the campaign idea to ‘welcome change,’ we invited people to visit McDonald’s and celebrate the changes they were undergoing in their lives—and while they’re at it, try the new and improved Burger McDo.”

A collaborative process with creative agency Leo Burnett Manila, Welcome Change Day offered something different from the usual product launches. “Leo Burnett Manila successfully brought July 4 to life – from the invitations on social media, to the conceptualization and production of the motivational stickers to be distributed to customers alongside their free Burger McDo, to the live coverage on Twitter,” notes Lao.

She adds that, “‘Welcome Change Day’ is just one part of a big, integrated campaign for the new and improved Burger McDo. Over 20,000 customers participated in 70 stores nationwide.” Aside from the free burgers, six different limited edition stickers celebrating the event were also given out in select McDonald’s branches in Metro Manila, as well as in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

“We knew the free burgers were sure to be appreciated, but we wanted to leave our customers with a physical reminder—as well as a piece of inspiration—of our campaign,” Lao says of the stickers before adding, “They were a huge hit – check out #welcomechange on Instagram and Twitter.”

With the success of “Welcome Change Day,” McDonald’s Philippines and Leo Burnett Manila clearly have something to smile about. Who knows, this event might even make a return in subsequent years. In the meantime, however, change indeed has come.

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