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Non-traditional roles go mainstream in new Boysen ad from TBWASantiago Mangada Puno

MANILA – Boysen Paint released a new film, “Wanda”, on broadcast and online media, promoting equality and inclusiveness in colorful, humorous style. The film features untraditional casting – two transgender personalities, in addition to the lead male character, depicted in a typical life situation.

“Wanda” shows a loving couple who find their day interrupted when the lead character’s significant other comes home at the worst possible time. When the significant other goes looking for who’s been occupying her man’s time, a timely paint spill results in an unexpected escape.


In a fun way, the spot also demonstrates Boysen Permacoat’s hiding ability. So powerful, it can probably erase one’s rivals.

While the scenarios in “Wanda” are exaggerated for comedic effect, the genders and preferences of the characters being portrayed are never highlighted, derided, or made an issue of.

As a statement and brand push, “Wanda” sends a powerful message about Boysen’s dedication to supporting combinations in all possible forms for a more beautiful and scandal-free world.

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