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O&M brings Singtel’s mobile network to the forefront with extreme video campaign

SINGAPORE – Singtel and Ogilvy & Mather today released a film, Data ExStream, which demonstrates the speed, coverage, reliability, and low latency of the Singtel mobile network by putting it to three extreme tests in real-world conditions.


Conceptualized by O&M Singapore to make the typically invisible network visible, this is the first time that a local telecommunications network has been tested in such a unique manner.



Melvyn Lim, Executive Creative Director, OgilvyOne Singapore, said, “To demonstrate how Singtel is connecting people through technology, we wanted to show – rather than tell – how its speed and responsiveness can add value to people’s lives. After analyzing all the data, we asked ourselves a question: Could Singtel’s network really be good enough to replace our eyes? The answer from all three extreme tests was a resounding yes.”


To test this hypothesis, O&M filmed a series of extreme challenges conducted across Singapore to test Singtel’s tri-band 4G+ network. The challenges included Singapore’s world champion fencing star, Lau Ywen, battling through a precarious obstacle course, a rooftop game of whack-a-mole, and a series of precision driving stunts performed by two renowned drivers.


Goggles were fitted and customized with two Samsung Galaxy Note 5s – the first device streamed real-time video footage of the challenger’s environments via Singtel’s tri-band 4G+ network and relayed to the second, which served as the challenger’s eyes. Transmission of the images had to be instantaneous for each challenger to accomplish their extreme task. The success of the challenges hinged on the overall performance of the Singtel mobile network: low latency, high speed, data capacity, and far-reaching coverage. The Singtel network delivered on all accounts and the challengers accomplished their tasks without a hitch.


Si Cheng Choon, Vice President, Mobile Core Engineering, Networks, Singtel said, “We’ve been excited about this experiment from the start. It brings invisible radio technology to life as our network was tested in real time. A second or two slower and none of the challenges would have been accomplished. This means that our engineers’ continuous effort to upgrade and optimize the network has paid off. And this is the very same network which we bring to our customers every day.”

In another first, a 360° display banner will be launched on Yahoo! as part of the campaign launch that spans across YouTube and Facebook.

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