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Philips and TBWA\ HK tap lookalike celebrities to highlight not all electric toothbrushes are the same

HONG KONG — Philips, in partnership with TBWA\Hong Kong, has launched “Philips Sonicare, An Ultimate Oral Care,” a tongue-in-cheek campaign aimed to dispel the belief that all electric toothbrushes are the same.

The campaign features two celebrated local musicians – Hins Cheung and Terence Lam – artists who in the past have been mistaken for one another. Self-proclaimed frenemies in real life, this is the first time the renowned duo have collaborated for a brand.

Netizens have often talked about their strikingly similar appearance – an aspect this campaign deliberately tapped into to drive home the message that “what looks the same may be nothing but.” A trilogy of fun and engaging episodes use their signature playful banter to draw a clever parallel between their likeness and the subtle yet significant differences in the Philips Sonicare range, including AI-powered brushes and Philips’s unique microbubbles technology that personalize oral care.


“The ‘Philips Sonicare, An Ultimate Oral Care’ campaign capitalizes on the audience’s existing affection for the unexpected celebrity pair, setting the stage for an authentic narrative. We even have the two celebrities tease the campaign with interactions between the two on their social media pages to draw anticipation and conversation,” said Chris Cheuk, Campaign Creative Lead at TBWA\Hong Kong.

“Philips remains committed to not only advancing the technology behind oral care but also to enhancing knowledge around oral health to let consumers rethink the toothbrushes they are using with Hins and Terence in a lively approach,” said Joyce Li, Category Lead, Oral Health Care & Beauty at Philips Hong Kong.

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