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Publicis JimenezBasic launches TunaySerye with Maxi-Peel

MANILA – “Honest” is not the first word one thinks of when faced with an advertising campaign. But that is exactly what the new Maxi-Peel campaign is – honest, brave, and one-of-a-kind. It may even well be a world-first.

Maxi-Peel recently launched the TunaySerye. It is a web-based reality show featuring an ordinary young woman suffering from pimples who tries the Maxi-Peel exfoliant solution regimen for the first time.

The young woman chosen to star in this TunaySerye is Jefferlyn “Jeff” Serrano. She is a 20-year-old college graduate who has long dreamed of becoming a star.


But the sudden occurrence of pimples in the last year has proven to be a big obstacle to achieving this dream.

The campaign starts with a television commercial where Jeff tells the Philippines about what she has been going through, specifically how pimples has affected more than just her skin – it has affected her confidence and her dreams. And in this commercial, she declares that she will start using Maxi-Peel daily. She has heard some bad rumors about the exfoliation process but she really needs her life to turn around and so she is willing to take the risk. This the only way to find out if Maxi-Peel will work for her on not.

The day after, Jeff starts to upload daily videos where she tells us about her day then she applies Maxi-Peel products on her skin on camera. We watch daily as her skin evolves from pimply, to reddening, to peeling, then finally to clear and beautiful.

As her skin transforms so does she – from tentative and nervous to glowing and confident.

It is this daily chronicle that makes this campaign brave and effective. Maxi-Peel’s TunaySerye has dared to show what no other beauty brand , or for that matter any other brand, has shown – the in-between. The campaign shows how it takes you from your before to the promised after step by step. No fast-forward, no CG, no camera-tricks.

“We are the first to showcase the real transformation process; most 
commercials are polished, glossy or edited. Ours is real – featuring real pimples, the real process, and real results,” says Pamela Sulit, AVP of Marketing for Splash Corporation.

“We bet all in releasing a campaign this raw and real. And we were willing to do that because as Jeff and her followers now know, Maxi-Peel really works,” she continues.

As one views every video Jeff releases online, as you see for yourself how her skin and herself changes with every daily episode that passes, you cannot help but root for Jeff. Cheer her on like you would your own bestfriend and be happy that she is succeeding, and getting closer and closer to achieving her dreams.

Her success has resulted in many of the viewers and followers of her daily videos to declare the start of their own Maxi-Peel journeys. They have posted pictures and videos and comments, telling each other of how many days they have been doing the regimen and how it has been working so far. They have found a support group in Jeff and in each other. In this brave and honest campaign, many acne-sufferers have found the strength to be brave and honest as well.

“Maxi-Peel TunaySerye is a milestone project for Publicis JimenezBasic. It is an integrated campaign in the truest sense – integrating above the line, digital, and activations to sell a cohesive message.

It has been hard work for the whole team but we feel nothing but blessed. It is once in a lifetime to be given the opportunity to mount such a campaign,” says Brandie Tan of Publicis JimenezBasic.

Like me, you can accompany Jeff in her journey through the Maxi-Peel Facebook Page. Bear witness as new skin, new beauty, and new hope unveils right before your eyes and the nation’s. Bear witness as one of the most innovative and honest campaigns in recent history unfolds.

The Maxi-Peel TunaySerye can be found at http://www.Facebook.com/MaxiPeelSkinCare.

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