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Publicis JimenezBasic offers a healthy alternative in Magnolia Brown Eggs

MANILA – As far as grocery shelves in Metro Manila are concerned, most eggs come in just one color – White. Magnolia, the Name in fresh poultry, wanted to give its consumers an alternative – Magnolia Brown Eggs. And they wanted people to know It wasn’t just color that made their eggs different and perhaps, worth choosing over white eggs.

In partnership with Publicis JimenezBasic, the brand released a campaign with a TVC and online video that took advantage of the nation’s biggest and most important event of the year – the National Elections. Making use of imagery similar to those found on ballot forms, the campaign educated consumers on the many benefits of choosing Magnolia Brown Eggs.


The campaign was posted on social media a few days before the National Elections, when most Filipinos were frequently online for election updates. On CNN Philippines, the TVC continued airing heavily throughout the election period. Within only a couple of days, the online material garnered millions of views, and the entire effort resulted in significant online buzz for Magnolia Brown Eggs.

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