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Novak Djokovic stars in new Peugeot film by BETC

FRANCE – In this new film by BETC, Peugeot traces the roots of where Novak Djokovic got his burning passion for tennis from.

Created to launch the 2016 French Open, the film reveals the story behind celebrated tennis player’s vocation. It shows a young and a bit musically-challenged Djokovic in a violin class. But the sight of a tennis ball changes things dramatically.


The film, directed by Romain Levy, features the new Peugeot 308GTi to convey a story of sensations. This car was specifically designed for a fun and sensation driving experience.

Since Djokovic released the film on his Facebook page on May 17, it has garnered more than 95,000 reactions and more than 19,000 shares.

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