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Shanghai Pilot Health Promotion Center and BBDO China empower people to drink to life

SHANGHAI, CHINA — Ad agency network BBDO continues its dedication to social responsibility through its core value of “Doing the Right Thing.” BBDO China, a key division of the agency, has been actively collaborating with the Shanghai Pilot Health Promotion Center for the past seven years, working together to champion important societal causes.

As a founding member of the Shanghai Pilot Health Promotion Center, BBDO China places a strong emphasis on improving employees’ health and well-being in the workplace. Through this collaborative partnership, the agency has successfully launched three impactful public campaigns, addressing crucial health issues that impact the workforce.

The first campaign, “Grow Up,” focused on workplace cancer prevention, aiming to raise awareness and provide valuable resources for employees, creating a healthier and safer work environment. The second campaign, “Knowing Nothing,” shed light on mental health concerns in the workplace, emphasizing the significance of psychological well-being and fostering a supportive atmosphere among colleagues.


Building on its commitment to making a positive difference, BBDO China and the Shanghai Pilot Health Promotion Center are once again joining forces to launch their latest initiative, the “Melting Organs” communication campaign. This innovative campaign aims to educate and engage the public on the importance of organ health, encouraging individuals to adopt healthy lifestyle practices for overall well-being.

BBDO China recognizes its role as a responsible corporate citizen, extending its focus beyond helping clients achieve business success. The agency actively contributes to the betterment of society, aligning its initiatives with the principles of “Doing the Right Thing.” Through driving positive change and creating meaningful impact within the communities it serves, BBDO China is dedicated to empowering individuals and helping to shape a better future.

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