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Tanishq’s Ugadi film celebrates women who are creators of their narrative

MUMBAI, INDIA – Tanishq, India’s largest jewellery retail brand from the house of Tata has launched a heart-warming digital film to commemorate the auspicious occasion of Ugadi. Tanishq’s first-ever digital film for Andhra Pradesh & Telangana is a tribute to every woman who is not only unique in her thoughts and stance but also supports her decisions by being her voice. The film is a celebration of brand’s beautiful Ugadi collection ‘Vardhini’ which is inspired by rich culture and crafted with precision for the women who prosper and thrive in all their might. 

Conceptualized by Tanishq and Mind Your Language, the 75-seconds digital film showcases a powerful narrative of how a woman of today believes in carving her own path, takes a stand for herself and weaves a magic of her own new narratives. The film is an ode to the progressive women of today who want to create an identity for themselves, strongly believes in the importance of new beginnings and that life after marriage goes beyond motherhood. 



As the film unfolds, it features Swati; a young & enterprising woman who visits her home to celebrate her first Ugadi after marriage. Moments later after she enters the home, everyone notices the extra glow around her and is curious to know if she has any good news to announce to which she answered in the affirmative. Contrary to relative’s assumptions of Swati expecting her first child, the viewers are in for a surprise when she reveals the actual good news. The film is sure to leave the viewers awestruck and inspire every woman who wants to make a difference and stand out from the crowd.  

Speaking on the launch of the film and the collection, Ranjani Krishnaswamy, General Manager – Marketing, Tanishq, Titan Company Limited said, “Today, women are yearning to carve an identity for themselves and are creators of their own narrative. The film is a tribute to the women who prosper and thrive in all their might and the Vardhini collection is truly a celebration of her extraordinary beauty and beliefs that make her stand apart.”

Deepan Ramachandran, Creative Director- Mind Your Language!, said “Tanishq, like the protagonist Swati in our Ugadi film, has always stood out with their progressive and new thoughts. Their brief to us was to straddle the conventional celebration of Ugadi with the new-age thinking of today’s woman. That’s when we asked ourselves – Why shouldn’t today’s woman dream differently? We found the answer in the story of Swati.”


Mansoor Ali Khan Mind Your Language! Deepan Ramachandran Maria Xavier Vinod    
Ishita Shukla  Pandiyaraj M Sharvani Sadhu    
Ranjani Krishnaswamy  Sandeep CG    
  Aparna Sen     
  Joshua Chakravarthi    


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