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Vaseline and Ogilvy Singapore introduce body lotion designed by and for transgender women

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Vaseline‘s commitment to “healthy skin for all” takes a groundbreaking step with the launch of the Transition Body Lotion, the world’s first clinically proven skincare product specifically designed by and for transgender women. 

The transitioning process can have a negative effect on skin, and with Thailand home to one of the world’s largest transgender populations, the opportunity to create a new product specifically to tackle this issue arose. 

After two years of research and co-creation, Vaseline created the Transition Body Lotion, the world’s first clinically proven skincare solution for transgender women — addressing skin problems that the female transgender consumer experiences by incorporating beneficial ingredients such as niacinamide and isoflavones, aiding and providing a more natural transitioning experience.


Together with creative agency Ogilvy Singapore, the brand launched the product on the International Transgender Day of Visibility, introducing it to Thailand markets and consumers.

The campaign garnered 158 million impressions in Thailand, and the product quickly sold out in many of the 670 Watsons stores. Purchase intent skyrocketed 725% above the benchmark, solidifying Vaseline’s commitment to inclusivity.

Louis Piereck, Senior Global Brand Director of Vaseline, shared, “It’s not every day that the agency responds to a communication brief with a product idea. But when that product idea fits perfectly to your brand purpose, you just gotta do it.”

Through this product, Vaseline was able to foster trust within the transgender community, resonate with those who value inclusivity, and position the brand as a leader in a more inclusive beauty landscape.

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