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Design: Filipino Illustrator Raxenne Maniquiz transforms cities into lipsticks for MAC cosmetics

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Wanderlust is missed by most travellers right now but not by Filipina illustrator and designer Raxenne Maniquiz, who, in her latest collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, Wander.Lust, showed off 21 East Asian cities through her intricate designs.

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“I worked directly with the MAC APAC team based in Hong Kong. They sent me the collated mood boards of 10 countries included in the collection,” Maniquiz told the word on creativity. “The mood boards consisted of different elements unique to each city. After getting the direction, it is up to me how to interpret those into artworks using my style.”

Each bullet lipstick had a unique illustration that go beyond Maniquiz’s usual flora and fauna, but include food, temples, and buildings.

“More than the colors, it’s really about the content of the patterns. Drawing icons that are representative of each city was the key.”

Among the 21 cities are from Maniquiz’s homeland, the Philippines: Cebu, Manila, and Davao which had waling-waling for its illustration.

“I’ve done a lot of pattern work before so doing this wasn’t new to me. But working on 21 cities made me explore more style executions. I really tried to look at other exciting ways to draw patterns.”

When asked what she wanted to convey about the Philippines through her work, Maiquiz said: The Philippines is an exciting and diverse country. It’s seen in the lively urban design of Manila, the serene beaches of Cebu, and the unique produce of Davao. And that’s just three cities. We have more to offer.

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