Digital artist Beeple on his ‘Everydays’ workflow and process at Graphika Manila 2023

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Graphika Manila 2023‘s roster of speakers features one of the pioneers in the everyday movement in 3D graphics: Mike Winkelmann, or more commonly known as Beeple. The artist is known for his monograph “Beeple: Everydays, the First 5000 Days.”

Having done pieces of work from start-to-finish and posting it online everyday without fail, Beeple let in the Graphika crowd on his workflow with a live demonstration.

He propped up 3D modeling program Cinema 4D where he showed his library of different textures, human anatomy, architecture, animals, and showed step-by-step actions on how he renders his works.

“I’d like this to be something where you are throwing out ideas and go back and forth here.”

After his talk, he also gave out some of his works to lucky attendees.

As its encore, headliner Beeple wrapped up Graphika Manila 2023 with inspiration and creativity, whipping out a 3D artwork designed and finished onstage while keeping it interactive with inputs and feedback from the crowd. Overall, Beeple demonstrated how he’s able to keep up with his Everydays challenge and prompt by taking inspiration from everything: current events, trends, news, and anything around him. 

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