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Brand & Business: Celebrate your body and move with confidence with adidas and REBEL’s newest workout series

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In uncertain times brought about by the pandemic, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to stay healthy. As Filipinos navigate their way towards a more balanced lifestyle, there is now a bigger focus on taking care of oneself.

With this in mind, adidas teams up with REBEL, the #1 health and fitness app in the Philippines, to make fitness fun and accessible to all Filipinos. In this free program, users can explore their taste in fitness as it features High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Low Impact Training (LIT), functional fitness, dance, and yoga. The beginner-friendly adidas x REBEL: Watch Us Move program also caters to more advanced fitness enthusiasts, and is led by some of the best female coaches in the country:

HIIT by Sam Corrales
The series features two High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts: Full-Body HIIT and Core & Booty HIIT. We’re upping the intensity here with dynamic and explosive movements like high knees, mountain climbers, drop squats, glute bridges, cross jacks, and more!


LIT by Cam Lagmay
REBEL’s most popular workout Low Impact Training (LIT) is part of the program too. Put your strength to the test with a low impact workout that’s easy on the joints, but high on results. Expect movements like tempo squats, 3-way lunges, side plank extensions, and more!

Functional Fitness by Cam Lagmay
Mimicking everyday movements, the series’ Functional Fitness workout aims to strengthen the body to perform daily tasks with ease. Take pride in what your body can do through dumbbell exercises like thrusters, sumo squat deadlifts, rows, and more. Of course, making use of body weight is totally allowed too!

Dance by Ytle Cruzado
These two dance workouts let you groove to the music. Let go, let loose, and celebrate the ability to move freely through beat-based and easy-to-follow dance routines. All you’ll need are your dance moves and safe space!

Yoga by Kitkat Cuenca
Feel good and flow through sequences that relax the body and mind. The Full-Body Stretching Flow relieves you of all tensions, while the Silent Stretch Flow clears your mind. So, meet us on the mat and watch us move!

Sporting light-support, Primegreen, Aeroready breathable adidas FORMOTION wear that was created by women for women, these coaches encourage Filipinas to celebrate movement and take pride in their bodies. Score your own set of FORMOTION apparel from the adidas website or adidas app via the Apple Store or Google Play Store and follow this program with confidence! This 8-part workout is free for all on the REBEL App via the 30-day free trial of REBEL—download it via the Apple Store or Google Play Store here. #FORMOTION #WatchUsMove #adidasPH #RebelTogether

“We want to help people with all the things that will bring more value to their lives. Our health is so important and having access to videos and information that will lead you towards a balanced lifestyle is key.” —Nico Bolzico, Co-founder

As a response to the fast-growing digital fitness scene, REBEL launched in September 2020 and has evolved to the be #1 fitness app in the Philippines. Free for download on all Apple and Android devices, the app offers diverse workouts, curated recipes, and wellness advice in the form of on-demand videos. By working with only the best coaches and health experts in the Philippines and breaking the biggest cost barrier to fitness, REBEL aims to empower Filipinos to live a healthier lifestyle for free.

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