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Brand & Business: Essence launches Essence Data Health Check consulting service to help brands navigate the shifting digital data and identity landscape

SINGAPORE — Essence, a global data and measurement-driven media agency, which is part of GroupM, today announced the introduction of its Essence Data Health Check consulting service, developed to help brands achieve effective business outcomes from their digital marketing activities by advancing their audience data strategy.

Essence Data Health Check is a service product developed through Essence Global Ventures, the agency’s Singapore-based innovation, research, and development hub. The product was built to be a strategic and tactical aid for marketers to accelerate their digital marketing transformation and business growth. In addition to helping brands navigate the seismic shifts in data, identity, and privacy due to the confluence of changes in user sentiment, regulations, and technology, the offering enables marketers to maximise value from their audience data and optimise consumer brand experience. The features of the product are informed by years of providing data services for brands across APAC, including those from the technology, retail, travel, luxury, and financial services sectors.

Part of Essence’s consulting solutions, Essence Data Health Check provides a meticulous review of marketers’ technology stack, data collection setup, audience management approach and data deployment practice, along with actionable recommendations to increase the effectiveness of data-driven paid and owned marketing activities. This review is done with respect towards current and future shifts in legislation and technology pertaining to consumers’ online identity and privacy. Designed for both in-house marketing teams and external agency service models, the offering also recommends measurable implementation roadmaps to track progress and capture value. 


Vincent Niou, Vice President, Data Strategy, APAC, Essence, said, “Data has never been more integral to more aspects of marketers’ businesses, but the space has never been more confusing and uncertain. With Essence Data Health Check, we are excited to help marketers navigate these shifts, while applying our best practices to drive campaign impact and business growth from their audience data, as well as provide the best possible brand experience for their customers across both paid and owned channels.”

Shane Dewar, Vice President, Advertising Operations, APAC, Essence, said, “With consumer sentiment, public policy and the advertising industry as a whole moving towards an ecosystem that puts privacy at the forefront of how it operates, brands and advertisers will be challenged to ensure that the people, processes and tools they have are capable of navigating the new privacy-first world. Essence Data Health Check is designed to help marketers evaluate what they are doing well in, provide a roadmap to improve their data strategy, and ultimately, enable brands to achieve their goals.”

Kunal Guha, Executive Vice President, Essence, who oversees the strategic direction and delivery of Essence Global Ventures’ research and development efforts, said, “We are now at the dawn of a new era of marketing – one that is defined by consumers’ expectations around their data and privacy, and an industry looking to bring more personalised experiences to their consumers. Essence Data Health Check will underpin the foundations for this privacy-first world, where the ethical compass on consumers’ data is paramount. Through Essence Global Ventures, it is our ambition to continually innovate solutions that will ensure marketers globally can lead with new strategic advantages, today and in the future.”

The introduction of Essence Data Health Check follows the earlier launch of Essence Media Health Check, a consulting service developed to help marketers achieve effective business outcomes from their digital media campaigns by delivering measurable performance improvements over current baselines. 

Through Essence Global Ventures, the agency will further develop and incubate marketing technology products that use predictive data signals and automation to improve business performance, customer experience and brand governance for companies. Similar to Essence Media Health Check and Essence Data Health Check, these solutions will be commercialised and deployed across APAC and globally via Essence’s network of offices.

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