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Brand & Business: San Pablo Laguna launches Smart City initiative with MyKuya

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Services super app MyKuya is proud to announce that it is working with the San Pablo City Councilor Martin Gel Adriano to quickly revitalize its local economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With MyKuya San Pablo active, the city’s businesses and government services are enabled to go digital, paving the way for leaders’ plans of transitioning San Pablo into a full-fledged smart city.

On May 29, San Pablo, Laguna launched as MyKuya’s first Smart City. The initiative came together thanks to the work of City Councilor Martin Gel Adriano, MyKuya General Manager, Serene Samuel, and MyKuya Operations Manager Kyle Santos

The launch of the project means that San Pablo-based services such as cleaning, groceries, deliveries, maintenance works, aircon repair, and cleaning are now live on the MyKuya app and available for local residents. Additionally, local businesses like restaurants, spas, and barbershops are available for job requests. MyKuya is also working to add emergency government services like ambulances, fire trucks, barangay assistance, vaccination scheduling, and more onto their app.

With MyKuya’s help, any local business that wants to expand its reach and sell its services online quickly can do so in a way that’s both easy and efficient. Ultimately, the goal of MyKuya’s work in San Pablo is to allow anyone—even those without a technological background—to slowly enter the world of e-commerce. Not only are there no set-up fees for businesses wanting to give the MyKuya app a try, but the platform comes with features like payment processing, video and voice calls.

Kyle Santos onboarding San Pablo Businesses on the MyKuya platform

From one business to another


MyKuya has gained popularity throughout the pandemic thanks largely to the benefits that consumers, businesses and job seekers enjoy. Through the MyKuya app, users can hire an Ate or Kuya to perform errands such as grocery delivery, parcel delivery, and even standing in line for you to pay your bills. From a business owner’s perspective, MyKuya offers a great way to connect with customers on a digital platform or even hire additional manpower for a short time (many Ates and Kuyas can also work as package handlers, delivery riders, cashiers, etc). 

Of course, micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) like the ones MyKuya helps in San Pablo are an integral part of the Philippine business landscape. So far access to modern technologies has been limited to only big businesses. MyKuya aims to make such advantages accessible to all, with no upfront cost. MSMEs compose about 99% of all businesses in the Philippines, with micro-enterprises making up as much as 89% of that figure. With MSMEs then also generating a majority of job opportunities for Filipinos, it becomes especially important to make sure they can keep up with the realities of doing business in the New Normal. 

“We believe that the work we’re doing with San Pablo and the 3rd District of Laguna is truly the path to building a community that is self-sustaining and inclusive,” said Serene Samuel, MyKuya General Manager. 

“We’re helping businesses get back on their feet, which should create invaluable job opportunities locally – the best that a public official can do for his community. Enabling small businesses to go digital is an integral step in building smart cities that remain competitive.” adds City Councilor Martin Gel Adriano 

Looking towards the future

MyKuya’s campaign to help cities like San Pablo was directly influenced by the goals of the Bounce Back PH movement – a social media platform that aims to support businesses in all industries, looking to especially help MSMEs affected by the pandemic. The movement is composed of various Filipino entrepreneurs, working everywhere from retail to outsourcing.

Although MyKuya’s work in San Pablo has just begun, it looks to prove that great things can happen when startups partner up with public leaders.

MyKuya is now looking towards bringing its service platform to other cities in the Philippines. “From assisting service providers, cities, or even regions, we want people to know that MyKuya is here to help.” Samuel concluded.


MyKuya is a Filipino super app for services. It enables consumers to hire services such as grocery delivery, cleaning, errands and logistics while enterprises utilize it to get access to flexible manpower and do better staff augmentation. 

Service providers and workers use it to get more sales, digitize their activities and create resilient tech-powered jobs. 

Founded in 2017 by Machine Ventures, MyKuya aims to create one million jobs in the Philippines. For more information and inquiries, visit or contact us at

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