Brand & Business: SYN Creates Music for Gold Promax Award Winning “Frozen Moments” for Channel HLN


HLN’s “Frozen Moments” campaign has taken home a Gold Promax Award for Best Block of Programming Promo or Campaign, at the Promax North America Awards 2019.

Syn’s CEO and Creative Director Nick Wood attended the ProMax awards in Los Angeles and was thrilled to be part of the winning team. “It’s wonderful to be recognised for our work, it’s what we love to do! Collaborating with the amazing talent at CNN is always a great experience for everyone at Syn”, he shared. 

The promo directed by Dan Gifford features 6 stunning vignettes or frozen moments in time and to make the campaign more impactful and powerful, it was crucial for Syn to provide a song that was familiar and yet haunting, mysterious and ethereal.

Wood and the LA team presented a new arrangement they recorded of several old folk songs arranged in a new an unique way and CNN finally chose Scarborough Fair

Here’s what CNN’s Whit Friese had to say about the music: 

“Scarborough Fair, an amazing timeless song made famous by Simon and Garfunkel was the perfect tone and manner to connect the many HLN shows together. Combine that with the popularity of the lyrics and Syn’s unique rearrangement and the spot becomes highly memorable.”


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