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CleverTap launches Clever.AI to assist in customer service

MUMBAI, INDIA —  CleverTap , one of the leading all-in-one customer engagement and retention platforms, has officially launched Clever.AI, its AI engine. With Clever.AI, CleverTap seeks to enable brands with the next generation of AI capabilities required to build human-like understanding of customers and deliver personalized experiences efficiently that resonate with them, ultimately maximizing customer lifetime value. 

Clever.AI is built on the foundation of three core AI pillars: Predictive, Generative, and Prescriptive. Clever.AI propels these three pillars to transform how brands engage with customers and make customer interactions more intelligent and efficient.

Clever.AI enables brands to become:

Insightful: With Predictive AI capabilities, it forecasts precise business outcomes, helping brands to anticipate customer needs. Clever.AI’s insights are powered by CleverTap’s proprietary TesseractDB, which ensures data granularity with an extended lookback period, making predictions more accurate, and enabling brands to make informed decisions, resulting in improved marketing ROI.


Empathetic: Taking GenAI forward, Clever.AI merges creativity with emotional intelligence, crafting content that resonates on a human level. This empathetic approach helps brands drive higher conversions and engages customers with hyper-personalized experiences.

Actionable: Leveraging Prescriptive AI capabilities, it provides actionable recommendations to maximize conversions throughout the customer journey by helping brands identify the optimal engagement strategies in real time.

Peter Takacs, Digital Product Manager at Burger King, said, “I would rate it 10 for its ease of use and numerous possible use cases. We uplifted our marketing campaigns by easily experimenting with multiple possibilities and quickly converging on the optimum one. It opens up a new era of continuous experimentation for us.”

Anand Jain, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at CleverTap, commented, “We’re thrilled to unveil Clever.AI, a testament to our pursuit over the last several years in leading the way in adopting the latest tech to transform customer engagement. We will continue to innovate CleverTap’s All-in-One engagement platform with Clever.AI, enhancing its precision in predictions, its ability to prescribe intelligent customer experiences strengthened by advanced product analytics and deeper persona profiling to ensure brands can build highly personalized experiences and campaigns more effectively, ensuring every customer interaction is personalized and outcome driven.”

With Clever.AI, brands have already experienced a boost in conversion with significantly higher operational efficiency. They witnessed a 66 percent increase in conversion rates, a 35% boost in operational efficiency, and a 3x improvement in click-through rates (CTRs), with an increase across metrics such as purchases and average order values (AOVs). Moreover, Clever.AI enhanced operational efficiency by simplifying campaign roll-outs, content creation, and experimentation at scale. Clever.AI has helped leading brands like TouchnGo, Swiggy, and Burger King add efficiency to their campaigns. 

CleverTap will unveil its new AI capabilities through its Spring Release ‘24 event slated from May 06 to 09, through a series of thought-provoking sessions on how AI can make campaigns more intelligent, efficient, and engaging for brands.

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