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Filipinos unleash their inner Kris Aquino and Vilma Santos in Dubsmash app

MANILA — Are videos of your friends lip-synching famous lines from movies, songs, TV commercials and Pinoy teleseryes flooding your newsfeeds lately? Don’t get left behind. A new app just came to cyber town that has everyone posting their Oscar-winning acting skills on social media—it’s Dubsmash!

This mobile app, available on Android and iOS, lets users take videos of themselves speaking or singing dubbed lines. Everyone can post their own rendition of movie or teleserye scenes. It’s really just a matter of who does it best.

Check out the following dubsmash videos made by Pinoy users:



Posted by Mow Rodriguez on Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tanong ng mga kabanda ko ano daw ba dubsmash. Lol

Posted by Moonstar88 on Saturday, April 11, 2015

#fengshui # krisaquino #dubsmash

A video posted by Tor Austria (@tor_austria) on

Filipinos might have found a way to turn this app to something hilarious and creative but according to Mashable, Dubsmash was originally made to help artists tease or debut songs and music videos. Just last March, Rihanna released a snippet of her newest single “BBHMM” (Bitch Better Have My Money) using this application.

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