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Reason to fly #356: PAL is one of the world’s most dependable airlines

MANILA — It’s time to conquer your fear of flying. The country’s flag carrier, Philippine Airlines has been ranked by travel website Wanderbat as on of the 22 most dependable airlines in the world.

The ratings were computed based on the following factors—On-Time Performance or how frequently flights are on time, delayed and cancelled; Checked Baggage Cost or the number of bags you get to check in for free and how much additional baggage would cost; and the average age of a fleet.

PAL, taking the 21st spot, shares the list with Australia’s Qantas Airlines, USA’s Southwest Airlines, UAE’s Etihad Airways and Emirates, Japan Airlines, UK’s British Airways.


PAL got a smart rating of 80. 46.96% of the flights operated by PAL are delayed which is 21.8% less than the average for international airlines. It has 51 planes with an average age of 4.2 years. PAL flies to over 40 destinations with New York as its most recent addition.

Meanwhile, Qatar Airways, with a smart rating of 100, is listed as the number 1 most dependable airline in the world. It currently flies to over 144 destinations with 130 planes with an average age of 5.5 years. Qatar’s flag carrier also boasts of its punctuality—83% of their operated flights are on time.

Despite the tragic accidents experienced by Malaysia Airlines last year, its stats still stand firm according to to Wanderbat and is still ranked number 16.

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