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GrabAds launches ‘Marketing Manager’ on mobile in SEA for self-serve marketing promotions anywhere and anytime

SINGAPORE — GrabAds, the advertising arm of Southeast Asian superapp Grab, announced that “Marketing Manager” is now available on mobile to empower micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Southeast Asia. Marketing Manager on mobile is a tool designed to streamline the marketing journey for MSME merchants on the Grab platform, allowing them to boost sales. Merchants can easily create advertisements and announce their latest offers and promotions right from their fingertips, anywhere and anytime.  

Marketing Manager has also introduced the all-new “spotlight campaigns” feature, exclusively for mobile. Grab curates specially designed campaigns, often only for a limited time, to assist merchants in maximizing visibility and enhancing sales conversions. Through this feature, merchants can strategically reserve high-visibility spaces for their stores, exclusively within Grab-hosted campaigns, increasing exposure and driving sales with a single, impactful campaign. 

MSME merchants on Grab can also use Marketing Manager’s newly enhanced features to drive more sales: 

  1. Quick and easy campaign set-up: With just a few taps, merchants on the Grab platform can easily create ads based on their target audience requirements and sales goals.  
  2. Simple-to-understand performance reports: Real-time reports help merchants readily gain insights into their campaigns’ success. They can pause campaigns or adjust their duration or budgets according to their needs. 
  3. Cost-efficient campaigns: Merchants only need to pay for successful orders on a Cost-per-order (CPO) basis. This approach ensures that their advertising spend is geared towards tangible results, making it a cost-effective way to drive sales. 

“GrabAds is committed to providing self-serve solutions to help our​​​​​​​​​​​​ MSME merchant partners promote their products and drive more sales for their business through Grab. MSME merchants juggle various roles – from chef to bookkeeper, accountant, and marketer – which necessitates their need for an easy-to-use, flexible, yet effective marketing tool. When we conducted our own survey among our merchants, nearly half the merchants said that they prioritize conversion and cost when selecting an ad platform, which is why the latest features on Marketing Manager on mobile address the everyday challenges that our MSME merchants face,” said Ken Mandel, Regional Head of GrabAds and Brand Insights.  


The introduction of Marketing Manager on mobile coincides with the rise of a mobile-first culture in Southeast Asia. In 2023, smartphone users in Southeast Asia were forecasted to grow by 4% year over year to reach 342.1 million, with penetration reaching 88.9% among internet users. Merchants, mirroring the habits of their consumers, are increasingly utilizing mobile platforms for business operations, especially among MSME teams.  

Marketing Manager on mobile is designed for merchants looking for straightforward and swift mobile campaigns. It provides a user-friendly option and is now available in Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam.  

For businesses in need of more advanced tools, the web-based Marketing Manager Pro offers more comprehensive features suited for digitally savvy merchants seeking greater customization for their ad campaigns.  

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