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Google equips advertisers with Gemini’s AI capabilities

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Continuing its commitment to supercharging its tools with the power of AI, Google‘s Performance Max campaigns are set for a significant upgrade with the recent integration of its Gemini models, its most advanced yet. This addition promises to provide digital advertisers with more opportunities to connect with their target audience in more engaging and effective ways.

The inclusion of Gemini models marks a milestone in the evolution of Performance Max campaigns, empowering advertisers with advanced AI capabilities to scale and build high-quality creative assets effortlessly.

Google achieves this with the expanded access and improvements to generative AI within Performance Max. Introduced back in November 2023, the asset-generation feature is now powered by Gemini, enabling advertisers to responsibly generate beer and more compelling text and image assets at scale with minimal effort.


Meanwhile, Ad Strength, an indicator that provides real-time feedback on asset relevance and diversity, can now provide beer asset variety and quality within Performance Max campaigns. It has now been improved to emphasize asset quantity and variety.

These changes and the integration of Google’s most powerful AI yet in Gemini reflect the importance of having a diverse and hardworking range of assets to maximize campaign performance across channels. Marketers and advertisers will definitely notice the improvements in their campaigns when they start exploring the possibilities with Gemini.

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